In the summer of 2020, we were delighted to welcome Halle Lange to the Convers(ate) team as a social media intern. Halle worked with us to share Convers(ate)’s mission and story on Instagram. She also attended several of our virtual sessions as she writes about below. …

Stay Connected with Meaningful Conversation in the Time of Physical Distancing and #flatteningthecurve

Opportunities for learning and connection exist — even in trying times.

As many of us adopt new, if temporary, practices for our daily lives — including social isolation and the effective elimination of social gatherings — we…

Written by Mollie Khine

Something special happened at the annual Practice Management and Tax Summit, put on by the team at CPA Ontario where over 200 Certified Professional Accountants gathered for a two day Conference event at Blue Mountain.

For those of you who have been to an accounting conference…

Written by Taylor Buonocore and Mollie Khine

This year Convers(ate) teamed up with the StartingBloc Fellowship to feature products created by the talented makers in the StartingBloc Community. If gifting is a part of your holiday season, we encourage you to support your fellow Fellows by purchasing from this list!

The Convers(ate) 2018 Gift Guide

Written by Taylor Buonocore and Mollie Khine


In the spirit of gathering, we decided to curate a list of products that elevate learning + connection just in time for holiday shopping. …

Written by Taylor Buonocore and Mollie Khine

You may have been invited to attend a Jeffersonian Dinner — or better yet, you are interested in hosting one of your own. So what exactly is a Jeffersonian Dinner?

The increasingly popular concept of the Jeffersonian Dinner gets its name from the…

Written by Taylor Buonocore and Mollie Khine

Whether you’re twenty-six or sixty-two, if you’ve found yourself pondering how to make new friends as an adult, you are not alone.

The transition to adulthood often means experiencing life changes or changing priorities that bring distance from our childhood friendships. We move…

Written by Taylor Buonocore and Mollie Khine

Here is a challenge for your next event or gathering: set a friendly no small talk rule.

Nearly all gatherings — from a backyard BBQ, to a happy hour with work colleagues or clients, to a dinner outing with a group of friends…

Mollie + Taylor at Convers(ate)

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